The word analogos comes straight from the Greek 'analogos', meaning "proportionate," or "resembling". This is apt for the Analogos scheme because it grabs colors that lie on each side of red. They contain a proportion of red, and they resemble red. Those colors are violet and orange, or even red-violet and red-orange. This color scheme is always harmonious because the colors are so closely related. These analogos colors both contain red in their mix, and there are no contrasting colors from the opposite side of the wheel to 'muddy up the mix.'

The drawback could be not having enough variety. However, by using the light and dark values, one can achieve quite a good assortment of color.


These are examples of Red's Analogos color scheme.

Analogos for Red:
Violet and Orange

A Rainbow effect, comparing the three close colors
Rotating color wheels

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