Project 3

Crop, Rotate, Ruler and Perspective

These photos show the crop, rotate, ruler and perspective tools and were altered in Photoshop CS4.

applegate view before

Photo #1: Applegate View Before

applegate view after
Photo #1: After using the crop tool and resizing

backyard fence before
Photo #2: Backyard fence before

backyard fence after

After using the horizon line to make it level with the ruler tool

Steve phone before


Photo #3: Steve with Phone Before

Steve phone after
Photo #3: Ater using the crop and rotation tools

winter car before
Photo #4: Winter car before

winter car after

Photo #4: Winter car after using the Transform perspective tool

I had resampled the horizontal images to 500 wide. But to put them next to each other on a web page for comparison, I realized most browsers are between 600 to 1000 pixels. I thought 500 might be too wide so I ended up resampling down to 400 pixels, as that would make the page about 800 wide, which I considered a decent compromise.

I did take all of these photos, but I'm not a photographer and am not used to altering photos with cropping, etc. What was amazing to me, was how much better the photos were after these simple alterations. For instance, with #3, I could see how jumbled and confusing the environment looked around the subject. By straightening out the background and cropping some of the extraneous information, it left the focus on Steve and makes creates a more meaningful picture. I had tried using the lines in the curtain at first, but I don't think they are really level. I finally used the floor line and got better results.

I thought #1 the Applegate view was already a beautiful photo. However, I noticed after focusing in on the area of the gate and removing some of the landscape around it, the gate became the focal point of the picture. It gives the feel of the gate inviting one into the scene, whereas before it was just another detail of the picture.

The original photo #2 of the backyard fence was somewhat disturbing because the horizon line was obviously not level. It isn't really a very interesting photo to begin with, but by leveling the horizon and then cropping the corners that went off the page, it looks to much more natural. The original photo has a lot of angles which causes activity in a picture, and having the horizon line askew only adds to the confusing jumble of angles.

The photo #4 with the winter car was done using the perspective tool. I lined up the windows and left side of the building in Photoshop's grid view. I like it better than the original, it is more comfortable. In this photo, flattening out the perspective gave it a feel of stability.