Project 8

Vector Shapes

Project 8 introduced vector shapes. I limited myself to vector shapes, not allowing bitmaps. However fills, image adjustments and filters, the FX option provided many colors, fills, patterns, shadows etc.

stuck in the sixties
I had no idea where this was going when I began. It was all one experiment after another. I did expand the canvas size to expose more of the design that was previously hidden, and add borders. I enjoyed playing with the various effects from the layers FX palatte. The fill in the center burst was found in the layers FX options as a gradient overlay that had rainbow colors.
Pony Remembers
I visited a site with free shapes. on a free clipart site I found some "cowboy" shapes that looked interesting but didn't know how I would use such an assorment all in one picture. After I started putting the shapes down, the idea of the PONY reminiscing instead of the cowboy, seemed funny to me and the idea fell into place. It tells a vague story of the pony being caught and tamed, (upper left) and his subsequent adventures with the cowboy. I found a photo of a horseshoe online and used the path tool to create a custom shape. The texture of the background suggests paper, and of course the edge imitates a stamp. Some of the cloud shape overlapped into the background and didn't look good. I made some small ovals and gave them the same paper texture fill and simply covered the offending shapes. Oh yes, and I put a large moon behind the pony which imitates one of the tiny images with a moon. And my favorite was putting the exact same shape in the thought balloon, as the present pony remembering - sort of a present-past-coming into the moment- sort of thing!