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The purpose of this site is to celebrate my wonderful mother and show her life with photos.

I would like this site to be a historical record that her family can enjoy. The audience is her family and friends.

How do I describe my mom? She is the most amazing person I've ever known. And I'm not just saying that because I'm her daughter. I recall as a teenager, admiring her because I realized then, that she never had a gripe against anything. Growing up, I saw that she was always happy with a positive, upbeat attitude. And she is like that still, at age 82. She explained to me (her words) "I always took life straight on". She would look at a situation and judge it in a scientific way and not make a big thing out of it. The best way I can explain her matter-of-fact attitude is, 'why fight reality?' Those of you who know her will agree, I'm sure.

Mom has always had a lot of friends and has been very active. For a while she was the president of the SWA an art club, and has been painting and drawing her friends and family her whole life.

The galleries on these pages will resize. They are work best at a 600x800 screen resolution. Enjoy the photos and memories. Of course they are mostly pictures of her family because after all, that's what it's all about. There is so much more I wanted to add but just don't have the space. I'm hoping these photos will spark memories of your own.

If you would like any more info, feel free to email me (Madeline):

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