I created these by hand with various media. Mostly I used gouche because I like the rich colors and flat sheen. Something about the mirrored symmetry seems to evoke images of creatures, perhaps because the corners do not repeat 4 times. That makes for the sort of balance in life we see with people - an area for the head, torso and legs.

When I made these, I would create half of it and trace that onto the board, then repeat again on the other half. I never knew exactly what it was going to look like until I got both halves together. The octagons were different. I used a complete pattern for all three but colored the triangles differently.

Gallery 2 pictures were made the old fashioned way with various materials. Gallery 1 are the computer generated mandalas. If you enjoy these, please visit my link page to view many more wonderful mandalas.

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Calliope - Gouche
Castle Rock Light - Gouche
Eternal Flame - Gouche
Lighthouse - Gouche
Octagon 1 - Colored Pencil
Octagon 2 - Colored Pencil
Octagon 3 - Colored Pencil
Palm Leaf - Gouche
Queen Bee - Gouche
Rose Mandala - Gouche and Colored Pencil
Scarab - Watercolor
Shamrock - Gouche

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