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My mother raised 5 children. Birth order:

The first four grew up in a group in the great 1950's era. When brother Dan came into our lives, it was such a joy to have a baby in the house! We could really appreciate the baby, since we had all passed that stage.

choo choo ride
Left to Right: Julie, David, Madeline & baby Dan, Margo

Our parents took us for outings as much as possible. The picture above shows one of our favorites - the train ride at Tilden Park in Oakland, Ca. We went to museums, musicals, operas, stage plays, and participated in summer art and craft programs. We all took piano lessons on our baby grand except for Dan, who taught himself and is the most proficient. It's not surprising that we have all grown up to be artists and musicians! My mom commented once that she was surprised we all became artists. She had just wanted us to be exposed to different cultural activities but it was like planting and nurturing a seed.

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