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She was born Jean Stubnitz, the daughter of Maurice and Dorothy Stubnitz.

Her parents met near Carnegie Tech, where my grandmother was taking art classes and he was attending a reunion .

Maurice was probably born in 1891. He was the son of an immigrant couple from Lithuania, Ada and Hillel Stupnitsky. The name was later shortened to Stubnitz.

Maurice and Dorothy Stubnitz

Maurice's father died when he was quite young. He first worked as a "gopher" to Wall Street tycoons, who encouraged him to finish high school. He attended night school and finally went to Carnegie Tech, graduating in 1913. He worked at a company called Fort Pitt Bedding in Pittsburgh, Pa. He later made a remarkable contribution to our world by putting a whole town to work during the depression. Automobile seats had been made from rubber taken from tree drippings. He had the idea to use steel springs and later, foam (plastics). He convinced a company who wasn't doing well to sell him their entire machine inventory for under $50,000. In 1934, a train rolled into Adrian Michigan with boxcars full of equipment. He opened the factory in Adrian because of its close local to Detroit. The company was called, "Stubnitz Greene" and later "Stubnitz Springs" as it manufactured all components of seats. During WW2 the government had his factory manufacture parts for trucks used in the war.

Dorothy Swartz was born in Pennsylvania to a family whose lineage was Amish and came to this country during the revolutionary war. We kids called her "Grandma Dot." She was a wonderful artist, and loved watercolor. She held many exhibits and always encouraged others to use their talents. My Grandmother was extremely bright, and read faster than anyone I ever knew. She also played the piano, guitar, and ukulele. I loved to listen to her conversation, and she could hold me spellbound for hours. My mother's parents both loved Hawaii and eventually bought a home in Oahu. My grandmother started her own charitable foundation, it is called the 'Maurice and Dorothy Stubnitz' foundation, located in Adrian Michigan. It makes me proud that she has been able to help others, even after she is gone.

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