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In Laws
Toni and David Rosesnstein 



We were living at Westwood Drive in Adrian, Michigan when my father's parents came to America in the 1960's to live with us. They went through immigration and became American citizens. They moved across country with us back to California, there were 9 people in the car! One was my brother Dan, who was only 6 months old. They became an integral part of our lives.

Grandpa David was in the cavalry as a youth, actually on the german side fighting the english in the first world war. However, in the second world war, everything had changed. With contacts abroad in his business, he was able to acertain movements of materials, and would tip off the English. This allowed them to know where activity was taking place. In their gratitude after the war, they awarded him a beautiful fretwork silver bowl which to this day is in our family. He spoke at least seven languages and had a deep, gutteral voice.

Grandma Toni's (Antoinette) father was a tailor to the last sultan of Turkey. He was the only one allowed to touch the man, who feared assassins. Grandma said when he was done with a job, he would come home with little bags of trinkets for the children. Grandma learned English when she was in her 60's, which was no easy task. She wanted to be able to communicate with her grandchildren. She was such a good cook, and our family's favorite is her roasted eggplant salad, which we still make as often as possible even though it's very labor intensive.

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