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Dad at about 20

My Dad at about age 20, her husband of over 60 years, Max Rosenstein

Dad was born in Bulgaria in May 1925 and lived until he was about 20, in Turkey. His native tongue was French. He attended a variety of schools as a child, including German (they kicked him out because he was Jewish, remember WW2?) and Italian. He was taught English by a Brit. So I can't describe his accent, only that it is unusual, and foreign sounding, but very lovely.

His became an electrical engineer and went to work for Lockheed in the 1950's. In the 60's we moved to Michigan so that he could work for my mom's father. We later moved back to the Bay Area. My Dad loves opera and classical music and he has a beautiful voice. I always loved hearing him sing. I think he would have been a good musician if he had the training. My Dad has a brilliant mind for physics and keeps up to date with the latest research into the universe.

When he lived in the Bay Area, he was active in the electric car club. Now he has become involved in his photo club and one of his photos even won an award. He has always been the chronicler of our lives, taking pictures along the way. And thank goodness for that or I wouldn't have much to choose from for this web site.

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